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S.No. Title of Project and Sanction Letter No Sponsor / Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Tenure / Duration Supervisor / Principal Investigator / Co-Supervisor Number of Manpower / Research Fellows Brief Objective
1.  Aptamer conjugated Teriparatide loaded PLGA/PHBV nanocarriers mediated delivery coners an effective treatment for osteoporosis
DHR 60.00 36 Prof. Sanjay K Bhadada / Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal and Dr Gurpal Singh 1 A novel targeted treatment and it development for osteoporosis patients
2.  VirusInspired peptide design of monomeric pseudo-alpha helix for the recognition of its RNA targets
CSIR 45.00 36 Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Development of pseudo helix peptide for different RNAs.
3.  A fluorescent cyclic peptide conjugated amphipathic-D diastereomers nanotherapeutics for an early detection and treatment of prostate cancer
DST-SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB) 60.00 Three years Dr Gurpal Singh / Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal 1 This project is particularly focusing on early stage detection and treatment of prostate cancer
4.  Development of new chemo-immunotherapy approach for colorectal cancer
SERB-CRG 59.00 36 Professor Kanwaljit Chopra / Dr. Sandip V. Pawar 1 Despite advances in cancer therapy employing chemo, immuno and radiotherapy, nonsignificant reduction in mortality and relapse rate have remained a major challenge. Very recently, a promising approach of chemo-immunotherapy is being explored wherein the potential synergism of two gating strategies will be harnessed to achieve a much robust therapeutic response. The main objective of our study is to elucidate the role of indigenously synthesized novel toll like receptor (TLR)7 / 8 agonists in combination with traditional chemotherapeutic agents in in-vitro and in-vivo models of colorectal cancer along-with biochemical, molecular, genetic and histopathological biomarkers elucidation. The findings will substantiate the role of TLR-7 and 8 as novel targets for chemo-immunotherapy. These compounds can be further translated in to the clinics.
5.  Aptamer conjugated QDs based fluorescence technique for rapid detection of Lead in drinking ground and surface water
DST-UT 2.00 12 Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Rapid method development for the detection of Lead
6.  Development of gold nanoparticles based lateral flow immunoassay for rapid and early detection of novel biomarker microRNA-204 in type 1 diabetes (T1D)
ICMR 55.50 36 Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Lateral flow technology will be developed for early stage detection of type 1 diabetes
7.  API and Intermediate Synthesis
Valence Labs Pvt Ltd. 111.00 60 Professor Ranju Bansal / Dr Ashok Yadav 3 The objective of the project is development of low cost improved process of some selected APIs and their key intermediates by adopting new synthetic routes.
8.  SalFluSENSOR: Fluorescence based nanobiosensor design for rapid and specific detection of Salmonella and Influenza
DHR 30.00 36 Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Fluorescence based nanobiosensor will be designed for early stage detection of salmonella and influenza pathogens
9.  Development of nanoinhibitor against CssA RNA thermometer from Neisseria meningitis
ICMR 10.00 24 Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 To develop inhibitors for Neisseria meningitis
10.  Identification and Characterization of Downstream Effector Proteins for Gao, the Major Neural G protein in Brain Tissue
DBT 61.00 36 Dr Santosh Kumar / Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal and Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Here identification and characterization of downstream effector proteins for Gao will be explored
11.  Development and evaluation of fish oil - probiotic supplemented composite dressing for chronic wounds
DST-SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB) 44.44 36 Professor Indu Pal Kaur / Dr Parneet Kaur Deol 1 Development and evaluation of fish oil - probiotic supplemented composite dressing for chronic wounds
12.  Biohybrid antisense PNA-graphene QD stargeting bcl-2 gene for cancer theranostic
ICMR 38.00 3 year 5 months Dr Gurpal Singh / Dr Ravi Pratap Barnwal 1 A photosensor will be developed for rapid deduction of early stage breast cancer and their treatment
13.  Liposomal Technology Platform
BDH Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai 4.93 36 Professor O.P. Katare / Dr Gurpal Singh 1 Liposomal Technology Platform

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